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The Benefits of Microporous Insulation in General Industrial and Commerical Applications
General Applications and Benefits
Because of its extraordinarily low thermal conductivity, durability, product versatility, and resistance to both low and high thermal shock, ThermoDyne’s DynaGuard™ microporous insulation systems are ideal for many industrial and commercial applications. In addition, DynaGuard™ materials are also able to utilize industrial grade raw materials and traceability processes, making them less costly than their aerospace grade counterparts
Typical applications for the materials include commercial and industrial appliances, furnaces, bakes and ovens, kilns and hobby ovens, molten metal ladles and manufacturing equipment, cable trays, grease ducts, pipes and boilers. Recently, DynaGuard™ products have also gained increasing visibility in the rapidly emerging fuel cell and alternative energy markets as an insulator for either high temperature fuel cell stacks or the reformers which break down fuel sources into useable hydrogen for the cells.
As the graph below illustrates, all of ThermoDyne’s DynaGuard™ microporous insulation systems supply the highest degree of thermal protection possible for the temperature ranges that they service, and provide thermal conductivity curves even lower than that of still air. These benefits, in conjunction with superb space and weight saving properties and attractive pricing, make ThermoDyne’s DynaGuard™ microporous materials ideal for industrial and commercial environments where material conservation, thermal efficiency and high performance are critical at elevated temperatures.
thermal Conductivity Comparison graph
Specific Applications and Benefits:
DynaGuard™ microporous insulation systems offer direct benefits to industrial and commercial markets by providing the following
Decrease in the amount of insulation necessary to achieve optimal thermal performance. Because DynaGuard™ microporous insulation systems are so efficient, they can be utilized at a fraction of the space and weight (up to 66% less) normally allotted to backup linings, insulation composites and insulation systems. Quite often, this type of space and weight savings also relate directly to increasing equipment capacity without decreasing the same equipment’s thermal efficiency.
Decrease in the overall amount of heat lost through the insulation system. DynaGuard™ microporous insulation systems minimize all three forms of heat transfer (i.e. solid conduction, air current convection and body-to-body radiation), and, as a result, offer a substantial decrease in the amount of energy lost through the material. This type of conservation translates directly to financial savings as well, since because less heat energy is continually lost through the material, less energy is therefore required to keep an application operating at its necessary temperature.
Greater distribution of heat and product uniformity. In certain applications, a DynaGuard™ microporous insulation system offers greater distribution of heat through the application and in increase in the homogeneity and product uniformity of the material being produced. In molten metal applications, for instance, this translates to less molten metal “freezing”, greater and more consistent end product composition, and a decrease in the amount of re-heat time necessary.
Greater efficiency in processes. Through utilizing DynaGuard™ microporous insulation systems, many industrial and commercial manufacturing processes can be streamlined. In applications that depend upon cycle-times, or include pre-heat and/or substantial run-times, DynaGuard™ microporous insulation systems can often shorten the time necessary for the operation to run. This not only maximizes the overall efficiency of the process, but can also increase overall productivity as well.
Ease and variety of fabrication, installation and handling options. DynaGuard™ microporous insulation systems are available in a virtually limitless variety of sizes, shapes and product forms. As a result, they can be custom-designed and built for moisture resistance, flexibility, strength or rigidity, and can be pre-cut or fabricated to specific shapes, sizes or encapsulation parameters.
How does ThermoDyne fit into the equation?
ThermoDyne is both a manufacturer and fabricator of its own DynaGuard™ microporous insulation systems. As a result, it is able to service the most complex individual requirements of any industrial or commercial customer, and possesses both the industry experience and engineering background to design customized solutions to virtually any thermal management application.
In addition, ThermoDyne also possesses an in-house metal-fabrication shop (i.e. Laser Dyne, Inc.), and is capable of utilizing a wide range of custom laser-cutting, metal forming, and CNC capabilities for use in its microporous materials.
For more information about ThermoDyne and/or any of its products or services, please contact the ThermoDyne Sales/Marketing team at toll-free: 866.741.5458.
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