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The Relative Differences Between Various Thermodyne Products LInes
General Information:
Because the needs and applications for microporous insulation are so different across the industries in which it is most often used, ThermoDyne offers distinct product lines that focus on the specific requirements of various industries in order to best meet their individual needs. Although ThermoDyne is committed to expanding its product lines and to making them as diverse as necessary for success in individual markets, the two primary lines currently offered are the ExcelDyne and DynaGuard( product lines.
Specific Comparisons:
The ExcelDyne product line is comprised of Excelflex( microporous flexible insulation and tapes, Excelblok( and Excelblok( Data Recorder molded insulation systems, and Excelform( formable microporous insulation. These materials are specially designed for use in various aerospace industry applications, and have been specifically formulated to meet the rigorous quality and environmental demands of the aerospace industry. ExcelDyne products are manufactured with the highest grade of materials available, and can be traced to source and origin as required by various aerospace customers. In addition, each ExcelDyne product conforms to testing requirements outlined by ASTM C-177 (Guarded Hot Plate) for thermal conductivity, and offers higher vibration resistance (in the Excelflex( form) and greater machinability (in the Excelblok( and Excelblok( Data Recorder forms) than their industrial and commercial counterparts in the DynaGuard line.
The DynaGuard product line is comprised of DynaGuard Board, Flexible and Flexible Tapes, Ladle Liner, Panel and Formable insulation systems, and is specially formulated for use in commercial and industrial applications where price and performance are the most critical issues. DynaGuard products are manufactured using similar high performance raw materials to those in the ExcelDyne product lines, but do not perform as highly in environments that are characterize by high vibration and decibel levels. However, these concessions allow industrial and commercial customers to utilize the benefits of microporous insulation at prices comparable to those of other industrial insulation materials available.

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