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ThermoDyne to Appear in Copybook Solutions’ New Web-site and “E-zine” for International Military and Defense Industries
ThermoDyne appears on Copybook Solutions’ newest web-site and corresponding “E-zine”,
Currently, Copybook Solutions operates satellite offices around the world, and boasts an electronic circulation of over 42,000 subscribers to its E-zine publications. It offers continual updating and refreshing of the most current information within a specific industry publication (e-zine publications and sites are refreshed/updated every 10 minutes), and is committed to utilizing the Internet as the next wave of delivering the most relevant and accurate information, even over and above conventional printed media.
“A recent study from City Investments - London, concluded that the best ROI in marketing was money invested with Copybook Solutions Limited. Dave Turner, Analyst explains why, “Not only do Copybook produce well presented professional business publications, they also exhibit at international trade shows, provide an excellent backup and design service, and publish online to increase investment traffic to customers’ websites. The absolute difference between Copybook and other publishers however, is the amount of enquiries that are generated on a weekly basis. Approximately 90 per week per advertiser.” features a number of exciting pages, including a complete “A to Z” products and suppliers index, as well as the posting of a number of relevant technical articles and supporting information on supplier products. These articles, profiles and information are updated monthly, and will continually showcase ThermoDyne’s participation in international military and defense applications.
ThermoDyne hopes that the exposure provided by the site will bring additional attention to the wide variety of standard and customized microporous insulation products currently available for manufacture for military and defense applications, and is proud to be added to the list of suppliers within the Copybook family.